Supermileage and Electrathon Vehicle Racing Team

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Who We Are

Kimberly High School's Supermileage and Electrathon Racing Team is a capstone course in the Technology & Engineering Department. There are three paths students can take to enroll in this course: A) CAD courses, B) Metals courses, or C) Welding courses. This course also draws student talent from the Photography, Video, and Screen Printing courses as needed for photos, video highlights, vehicle logos, and team shirts.
Each year the Supermileage and Electrathon Racing Team will reasearch, design, and build lightweight, aero-dynamic vehicle to achieve the highest fuel economy or electrical effciency possible. These vehicles are then taken to different race tracks in Wisconsin to compete against other schools from across the state.
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WIR Race: May 6th & 7th 2011