Video Production

Come and Join the Fun!

We have a lot of fun working on our own original videos during this class. Almost all of the work will be done during class time (unless you are really motivated, dedicated and have a fantastic idea that cannot be contained therein). From pre-production (scripting and planning) to Post-production (editing, adding titles and effects) students are engaged and learning something new with each project. Of course each project can be viewed on this very site, just click the link labeled for each project!
A Special Note to Parents:

Please take time to watch your child's work! This site is for you. I know how much kids like to talk about school and I know that Infinite Campus only goes so far in informing you about your child's learning. Here's a chance for you to see first-hand. Let me know what you think >>>

Lights! Camera! Action!

Contrary to popular opinion, the Video Production class is not a requirement to be on the school announcements every morning. It is a fun class where students learn to express themselves and their ideas using audio and video media. The class is designed to teach and apply concepts involved in the capturing, editing and production of video programs. Video is becoming a favorite choice for instructors (high school and college) who use project based learning assignments to enhance student learning. This class is a great benefit to students by teaching skills and concepts that will prepare them for those projects. Those same skills and concepts will be valuable when that birthday, wedding, anniversary wedding or any other celebration comes along where an “audio visual” tribute is desired to stir emotions and honor that special person.

Past Student Final Interviews

Take a listen to some former students and what they've learned in the process of taking Video Production, and listen to their thoughts to see if Video Production is right for you!