TV Production

Reporting live from KHS...

Graphic elements flying through the frame followed by shining text and glowing auras. That's what we commonly see during the introduction to news broadcasts, sports and weather segments. Really, just watch for it. Well, not to be outdone, we will create some of our own graphics and animate them to create interesting program introductions for our interesting programs and news stories. Of course each story can be viewed on this very site, just click the link below labeled "Watch Videos" (what else?).
A Special Note to Parents:

Please take time to watch your child's work! This site is for you. I know how much kids like to talk about school and I know that Powerschool only goes so far in informing you about your child's learning. Here's a chance for you to see first-hand. Let me know what you think>>>>

Quiet on the Set!

Contrary to popular opinion, being in the TV Production class is not a requirement to be on the school announcements every morning. Like the Video course, this is fun class where students learn to express themselves and their ideas using audio and video media. This course differs in that the students will create their own graphics and animate them. They will also be news reporters and videographers bringing breaking news to KHS about KHS. Click on the "Watch Videos" button to see news stories produced by the TV production class and listen to them discuss some of them in their own words in recorded Podcast reflections.

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