Radio/Podcast Production

BEEP...BEEP...BEEP...This is only a test...

KHS Radio doesn't broadcast on the air,but we can be found on-line at our own "Radio Station" Website. Students create original sound effects as well as use digital soundeffects that the pros use. They also create their own production music and sounds using sound "loops". (instrumental segments including guitar rifs, drum beats, synth recordings, etc.) Don't forget the news, music, talk and drama programming they will be producing as part of the class.
A Special Note to Parents:

Please take time to listen to your child's work! This site is for you. I know how much kids like to talk about school and I know that Powerschool only goes so far in informing you about your child's learning. Here's a chance for you to hear first-hand. Let me know what you think >>>

We're Streaming on the Internet

The Radio/Podcasting section is still in a state of update. We used another application to develop a "Radio Station" site but are currently moving the station to this site. to the right are some links to some of the projects our students have done. You'll find news, talk, music, drama and more.